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Wise Clock 4 complete Kit
Separate quantity discounts may be applicable, see below. CHF 142.50

Stock: 0

This product is currently out of stock. You might want to set a notification to receive a short one-time email when the product returns to stock next time.

The "complete kit" comes with everything you need to build a functional Wise Clock 4. You will need to add your own FAT16-formatted SD card (with the necessary files on it), the miniB USB power cable and, eventually, the XBee module (if you want Wise Clock 4 to display remote messages, sent through internet, for example).

The Wise Clock is a very smart clock, built from an ATmega644P and one or two 32x16 RG LED matrix displays. The Wise Clock offers smooth scrolling text, temperature, time and date, countdown, alerts and a lot more, see the complete feature list below.

It features also an XBee compatible socket to interface the clocks display and functions over the air with future software releases.

Wise Clock 4 is the successor of Wise Clock 3.


The current shipping software release includes the following features:

  • PacMan - this new menu entry will show PacMan every 60 seconds.
  • Brightness of the display can now be changed with the Set key.
  • Show seconds in some of the "BIG" modes.
  • Time color when alarm is set: 3 hours before the alarm goes off, the time is displayed in orange, 2 hours before the alarm goes off in red; otherwise, time is displayed in green.
  • Chime may be enabled, giving a short beep at the half hour and a double beep at the full hour.
  • Alarm sound - the alarm will now play "Frere Jacques" followed by a siren and can be stopped by any button.
  • Score - new menu entry to keep a score for 2 players from 0 - 99.
  • Colors are now used in the Life and Demo apps.
  • Temperature is now a bit more accurate (after warming up) and uses the degree symbol to display the temp both in Celsius and Fahrenheit. In order to quickly see if the temp is rising or falling it is displayed with 1 decimal.
  • Displaying reminders:
    • At startup and at midnight the message.txt file is scanned for any reminder for that new day.
    • An orange dot is displayed at the bottem during this scan
    • If a reminder is found then it will be displayed (like the quotes) for the next 24 hours
    • The message file may also contain the start and end date of the Daylight Saving Time period (DST), this will adjust the clock by 1 hour.
    • Supports currently one personal message [M1], future release might support more than one
    • See message.txt for more details and add your own reminders.

The main board, shown below, also features:

  • ATmega644P microcontroller running at 16MHz, with the Arduino/Sanguino bootloader
  • SD card socket
  • piezoelectric buzzer
  • three function buttons and one reset button
  • battery backup for the real time clock (it keeps the time even when the board is not powered)
  • headers that plug directly into the 2x8 connectors in the back of the display, so that a ribbon cable is not required
  • a small prototyping area, to extend clock's functionality (e.g. adding infrared remote control, FM radio, dimming on the ambient light etc)
  • ICSP 6-pin header
  • power through USB miniB connector
  • 6-pin FTDI connector, compatible with the FTDI cable and the FTDI breakout
  • all 4 ports of the microcontroller (32 pins) are accessible to a "shield"-like expansion board
  • ability to cascade a second 3216 display through 2x8 pin header (plus ribbon cable)

Kit contents:

The Wise Clock 4 Kit includes the following parts (shown in the photo below):

  • 3216 bi-color (red/green/orange) LED display
  • PCB
  • SD card socket (pre-soldered)
  • DS3231 extremely accurate RTC (real time clock) chip, soldered to the board
  • MIC5219 voltage regulator, soldered to the board
  • 74HC125 level shifter (5V to 3V3), soldered to the board
  • 2 SMD LEDs (soldered)
  • 3 SMD resistors (soldered)
  • ATmega644P, with the latest Wise Clock 4 software
  • 40-pin socket
  • 16MHz crystal
  • 2 x 22pF ceramic capacitors
  • CR1220 backup battery for RTC
  • holder for the coin battery
  • 3 x right-angle push buttons
  • 9 x 10k resistors
  • 3 x 4k7 resistors
  • piezo buzzer
  • USB miniB connector
  • 6-pin right-angle male header (FTDI connector)
  • two 2x8-pin female headers (display connectors)
  • two 10-pin 2mm female headers (XBee connectors);
  • 220/470 uF electrolytic capacitor
  • 3 x 100nF decoupling capacitors
  • two laser-cut plexiglass plates
  • spacers, screws etc.
  • USB miniB cable for powering the Wise Clock
  • 2GB SD Card
  • Hex key tool to fix the screws

Note that the first bunch of components in the list are SMDs and come soldered to the board.

This Kit does contain the LED matrix display, the acryl plates and all screws and spacers!

The ATmega644P processor comes already loaded with the latest software, so you don't need to use the Arduino IDE to compile and upload the code. Essentially, after soldering all components in place, Wise Clock 4 should work right away.

Also note that, although Wise Clock 4 has support for the XBee RF wireless modules, no XBee module is included in this kit.


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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 30 March, 2012.
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